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Do you dare invest in commodities?

POSTED BY Alison Griffiths

The commodity sector, like technology, is massive and includes everything from solid and stolid blue chips to here-today-gone-tomorrow penny stocks. Within the sector you can find investors, traders and gamblers. MORE

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The allure of index investing

POSTED BY Alison Griffiths

From two ETFs available 20 years ago, there are now 340 of them offered by nine ETF providers with management fees as low as 0.05% annually compared to between 1.75% and 2.25% for many mutual funds. MORE

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Think you want to be a day trader? 5 things you should know

POSTED BY Caroline Cakebread

If you’ve ever thought about trying your own luck with day trading on the stock market, here are five important things you should know first. MORE

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Handling investment loss

POSTED BY Rob Carrick

Be honest – are you a “buy high, sell low” investor? One of the most basic investing guidelines is to buy low and sell high, but investors so often end up doing the opposite. MORE

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Optimistic investing: be positive but avoid potential pitfalls

POSTED BY Jonathan Chevreau

By its very nature, long-term investing requires a leap of faith and a generally optimistic outlook on life. The investor believes first that there will be a future that will include him or her and second that the capital accumulated at a younger stage of life will have more value than if it had been spent as soon as it was earned. MORE

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