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Are you taking enough risk in your TFSA?

POSTED BY Caroline Cakebread

Maybe it’s time to admit that TFSAs are outgrowing their label as a place to park money for a short-term goal. And as that happens it’s also time to rethink the kinds of investment we’re putting in them. MORE

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6 lies twenty-somethings tell themselves about money

POSTED BY Emily Ngai

As twenty-somethings, we often justify our money behaviour with little lies to make ourselves feel better. Despite bills to pay, future goals to save for and, in some cases, huge education debts to pay off, we let our wants overshadow our financial needs. MORE

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Keeping it frugal and fresh at the farmers’ market: tips for saving money on food

POSTED BY Lesley Scorgie

I’m a farmers’ market fanatic; especially in the summertime when the fruits are sweet and fresh and during the fall harvest when vegetables are in their prime. MORE

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What every university student should know before signing a lease

POSTED BY Lesley Scorgie

The countdown is on: you’re about to fly the nest! It’ll be just you, your roommates, books, essays, late night study sessions and maybe the odd party (ok, make that lots of parties). MORE

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Five more ways to score cheaper plane tickets

POSTED BY Emily Ngai

In my last blog post, I shared with you my six-step method I use to score cheaper plane tickets . In this post, I’m sharing five additional tricks and tips you can use to get an even bigger discount on the occasional expense of airfare. MORE

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