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“Rightsizing” for retirement: how to live smaller but better

POSTED BY Jonathan Chevreau

Rightsizing for retirement is all about the basics of establishing financial independence that we’ve tackled on this site before. MORE

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Breaking down the real costs of buying a home


Pat Foran and Investor Education Fund share factors you should consider when deciding to buy a home or rent. To learn more check out our Buy or rent calculator. MORE

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Refinancing your home? 5 things to consider

POSTED BY GetSmarterAboutMoney

This year’s home-buying season started with a bang when one of Canada’s major banks dropped its mortgage rate. These record-low rates are obviously appealing to people looking to buy their first home, and people looking to upgrade their current one. MORE

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Poll: How much of your net worth (%) is tied into your home?

POSTED BY GetSmarterAboutMoney

Poll: How much of your net worth (%) is tied into your home? MORE

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First home vs. retirement – can you really have both?

POSTED BY Lesley Scorgie

Home ownership is highly rewarding for a variety of reasons: ridding yourself of pesky landlords, having the freedom to change the way your property looks and feels, and of course the peace of mind in knowing that you are building equity in an asset that is expected to grow in value over the long run. MORE

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