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Top tax considerations when investing


Not all investment income is taxed equally, and over time, income tax can take a significant bite out of investment returns. Here’s a primer on how different investment vehicles and options are taxed. MORE

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Do you dare invest in commodities?

POSTED BY Alison Griffiths

The commodity sector, like technology, is massive and includes everything from solid and stolid blue chips to here-today-gone-tomorrow penny stocks. Within the sector you can find investors, traders and gamblers. MORE

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The case for ethical investing

POSTED BY Rob Carrick

Responsible investing (RI) at its most basic can mean taking an investing approach that excludes companies in fields such as armaments or tobacco. It can also involve a focus on best-in-class companies. MORE

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What is a robo-advisor and is it right for you?

POSTED BY Jonathan Chevreau

As is often the case, an investing trend that began in the United States has in recent months started to migrate to Canada. It’s known by the unfortunate phrase “robo-advisor,” although a better term – at least in this country – might be “light advice.” MORE

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Are you taking enough risk in your TFSA?

POSTED BY Caroline Cakebread

Maybe it’s time to admit that TFSAs are outgrowing their label as a place to park money for a short-term goal. And as that happens it’s also time to rethink the kinds of investment we’re putting in them. MORE

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