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Refinancing your home? 5 things to consider

POSTED BY GetSmarterAboutMoney

This year’s home-buying season started with a bang when one of Canada’s major banks dropped its mortgage rate. These record-low rates are obviously appealing to people looking to buy their first home, and people looking to upgrade their current one. MORE

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Handling investment loss

POSTED BY Rob Carrick

Be honest – are you a “buy high, sell low” investor? One of the most basic investing guidelines is to buy low and sell high, but investors so often end up doing the opposite. MORE

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Investing and the belief-behaviour contradiction

POSTED BY Jonathan Chevreau

To succeed at anything in life, you need some bedrock principles on which to act. To be a successful investor, you need a sound belief system, which includes the principle that wealth creation revolves either directly or indirectly around business ownership.

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Optimistic investing: be positive but avoid potential pitfalls

POSTED BY Jonathan Chevreau

By its very nature, long-term investing requires a leap of faith and a generally optimistic outlook on life. The investor believes first that there will be a future that will include him or her and second that the capital accumulated at a younger stage of life will have more value than if it had been spent as soon as it was earned. MORE

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Taking a Risk on Risk


As this blog is coming together, Investor Education Fund is in the midst of a major campaign to educate Canadians about investing and risk-taking, and it’s already getting positive attention. We’re encouraged by the “echo” to our efforts because The Canadian Money State of Mind Risk Survey 2014 represents a new approach to promoting financial literacy. MORE

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