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Blowing Down Investing Barriers: Debt

POSTED BY Lesley Scorgie

There are four common barriers that prevent people from investing: limited cash flow, debt, limited knowledge and buying the wrong investments. MORE

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Down and Out – How to Deal with Debt


Canadians are now carrying record levels of debt. The low interest rates we’ve been experiencing have caused many of us to go on a spending spree – and even though interest rates are low, interest charges still add up – … MORE

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Raising Financially Literate Children

POSTED BY Lesley Scorgie

From a very early age, my parents talked to my siblings and I about money. We helped my mother count money at the grocery store, my father took us to the bank machine and we were only given allowances if we showed my parents a “budget,” which included giving, saving and spending. MORE

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Teaching Kids about Credit and Credit Cards


If you’re like me, you probably use your credit card often. Using a credit card to pay for your daily purchases is much more convenient and secure than using cash. MORE

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The 3 Types of Investing Profits

POSTED BY Rob Carrick

There are three types of profits available to investors. Aim for some of each when building a portfolio. MORE

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