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Debt and Relationships


It’s often said that money is the last taboo. We’re squeamish about personal financial matters, particularly debt, so it can be extremely difficult to confess past money sins. No one likes to appear ignorant or foolish while in the throes of a new relationship. MORE

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Financial goals for your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s


Even if you’re going to be retiring later in life, we need to maintain some standards about which financial goals you should reach at various ages. So let’s do a quick survey. MORE

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Avoid those money fights: financial tips for newlyweds


Let’s talk about how you and your partner plan to stay together. Sure, love, commitment and respect will bind you to each other, but you can’t overlook your finances. Monetary challenges are sited more often than any other issue in divorce and separation proceedings. MORE

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8 big misconceptions about bankruptcy


There is often such a stigma attached to bankruptcy, we tend to have a lot of misconceptions about what it involves — and that can be a barrier for those who are in financial trouble and seriously need to consider their options. MORE

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Loans among friends: what to consider before lending someone cash


Out of the blue your pal approaches you with a “please lend me money” speech. MORE

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