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Money Choices: Save, Spend, Donate & Invest


At every stage of your kids’ lives, when they earn money, they will be faced with 4 choices: save, spend, donate or invest. How they earn money and the way in which they implement these decisions will evolve as they grow from young kids, to pre-teens to teenagers to young adults. In this second post, I wanted to share my basic philosophy for raising money-smart kids. MORE

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My Son’s First Allowance

POSTED BY Caroline Cakebread

I am a big fan of giving kids an allowance − I always had one when I was growing up and it helped me learn that saving my allowance and watching it accumulate made me feel great. My husband and I now realize the time has come for our little guy to get an allowance. He may be young, but we want to him to understand that the ice cream cone costs money — and that he can’t afford to have one every day. MORE

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