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Bitcoin primer – 6 things you should know

POSTED BY Caroline Cakebread

On a walk in downtown Toronto last week, I passed this. That’s right: an ATM solely dedicated to bitcoins. It’s an impressive development, considering they’re only five years old and few people had even heard about them a year ago. MORE

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Dodging the cons

POSTED BY Alison Griffiths

It was a hot, muggy summer decades ago when my father tore open a package he hoped would change our lives. MORE

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Handling investment loss

POSTED BY Rob Carrick

Be honest – are you a “buy high, sell low” investor? One of the most basic investing guidelines is to buy low and sell high, but investors so often end up doing the opposite. MORE

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Poll: have you ever been a victim of investment fraud?

POSTED BY GetSmarterAboutMoney

Have you ever been a victim of investment fraud? Vote in our poll and let us know. MORE

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Pretty little liar: a true story of fraud in Canada

POSTED BY Jane Dough

If you were to look up the definition of “penny pincher,” you may very well find a picture of my friend’s Uncle John. Just imagine a grandpa type, wearing a sweater he bought on sale 30 years ago, glaring at Scrooge McDuck for being so unnecessarily extravagant. There, that’s Uncle John. MORE

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