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Investing for retirement and the risk of playing it too “safe”

POSTED BY Rob Carrick

My nomination for the most misunderstood term in investing is “risk.” MORE

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A disciplined approach to overcoming late-in-life debt

POSTED BY Jonathan Chevreau

One symptom of our increasing tolerance of debt is a growing tendency to enter retirement while still in debt – either on credit cards or the mortgage. To some extent, this may be linked to the phenomenon of historically low interest-rate cards, which have been with us for several years now. MORE

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Year-end personal tax planning


As the year draws to a close and you’re busy with holiday preparations and parties, your 2013 income taxes due next April are probably the last thing on your mind! However, it’s worth making the time to do some 2013 year-end tax planning before it’s too late MORE

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Investing in your senior years: What’s the same? What’s different?

POSTED BY Alison Griffiths

As a senior, my father took the investing path less travelled. He eagerly flung his RRSP and then his RRIF money into one trendy idea after another. Sometimes what he chose was safe, like real estate, and other times it was a high-wire act all the way. In short, Dad never met an investing rule he didn’t break. MORE

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Maximizing the benefits of TFSAs for post-retirement income

POSTED BY Jonathan Chevreau

When you’re young and just embarking on the investing journey, RRSPs are a tempting vehicle because they give you the instant benefit of providing a juicy tax refund every spring. The higher the tax bracket you’re in, the bigger the deduction and the more compelling the case to max out your RRSP! MORE

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