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Four Things to Avoid When Hiring a Real Estate Agent

POSTED BY Caroline Cakebread

I made the decision to hire my first real estate agent in five minutes: less time than it took me to pick out a nail polish shade at my last pedicure. I didn’t interview anyone else, I didn’t question the five per cent commission she charged and I didn’t ask for any references. Turns out, like so many people out there, I made a lot of mistakes. If you’re looking for an agent to buy or sell your house, here are five mistakes to avoid. MORE

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The Desperate Need for Real Financial Literacy Research in Canada


I’ve not blogged before about subjects that bother me, but now I want to share a critique about a practice that is unhelpful to instilling financial literacy. I’m talking about flimsy and superficial research. Don’t get me wrong; there is a place for casual research on financial literacy. In our view, however, too much research is done via “drive-by” omnibus studies that can’t produce meaningful findings on three to five questions. MORE

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Episode #3: Digging for Discounts

POSTED BY Emily Ngai

The big trip is only 2.5 months away and I’ve already saved $1300! I wish I could say I saved up all that money on my own, but Christmas and a recent birthday helped significantly. MORE

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Cheap Ways to Procrastinate and Stay Sane During Finals

POSTED BY Christine Sirois

Ah, finals… That sweet time of year when everything you’ve worked for all semester hinges on one paper or exam worth 50% of your final grade; where countless hours of reading and studying seem futile in the face of Jacques … MORE

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