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Kidding Around with Cash
December 16, 2014

Many Canadians, at some point in their lives, decide to go back to school. If you have already been saving in a registered retirement savings plan (RRSP), you can use these funds to help pay for your education through the Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP). MORE

Investing Through the Ages
November 24, 2014

Even if you’re going to be retiring later in life, we need to maintain some standards about which financial goals you should reach at various ages. So let’s do a quick survey. MORE

Finding Your Findependence
November 14, 2014

As is often the case, an investing trend that began in the United States has in recent months started to migrate to Canada. It’s known by the unfortunate phrase “robo-advisor,” although a better term – at least in this country – might be “light advice.” MORE

Sexy and Debt Free
October 20, 2014

Let’s talk about how you and your partner plan to stay together. Sure, love, commitment and respect will bind you to each other, but you can’t overlook your finances. Monetary challenges are sited more often than any other issue in divorce and separation proceedings. MORE

Family Fortune
October 02, 2014

Maybe it’s time to admit that TFSAs are outgrowing their label as a place to park money for a short-term goal. And as that happens it’s also time to rethink the kinds of investment we’re putting in them. MORE