Frugal with Food

Remember when I resolved to curb my fast food eating habits and prepare only healthy, home cooked meals to enjoy at the library? Dear readers, things are going well I am happy to say. I’ve diligently been preparing myself sandwiches, pasta and even sushi. Even better news: I have a budgeting story to share!

At the beginning, things were going well and I was on the road to a healthier budget and de-clogged arteries. That is, until the day I realized those cucumbers I used to be able to get on sale 2 for $1, suddenly cost $2.99+ each… What was going on?!?!!

It does not take a science major to realize that the increase in costs was due to the vegetable going out of season…But what did that mean for the contents of my sandwiches and sushi rolls? It looked like I would have to be creative with my recipes, or just eat my California rolls plain for a while…

While I do not have any space to share my smart-savings-healthy-food recipes with you here, I can help you with tips to help you trim your grocery bill! Here is a very comprehensive list of which fruits and vegetables are in season when from the Canadian Blogger behind Simply Frugal.

She also recently gave some really helpful tips on how to look for and get discounts while grocery shopping. As it turns out, forms of bartering are not just limited to taking place at flea markets and street vendors; read the article to find out how speaking with a department manager can result in awesome markdowns to cut down your grocery bill! However, she also does caution against buying things just because they are cheap

I myself have already been using these tips for a while. I eat more stir-fry these days (cabbage and carrots are both in season!) and when I leave the gym feeling extra vigorous and vow to only eat veggies for the next two days, I head straight to my grocer’s produce section to check for markdowns on packaged salads. Often I find packets previously $3.00+ each, marked down to a mere 50 cents, only because the best before date is ~3 days away; not a problem since I know my salad-fasts last a only a few hours.

Hope you’ve found these tips useful. You can also check out my co-blogger Stacey’s tips. There is really is no satisfaction quite like the one when you see a slimmer credit card bill and a slimmer waist line!

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