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RRIFs and what every senior needs to know


You can’t avoid death or taxes but with a bit of planning, a RRIF can be structured to minimize investment losses and make withdrawals a painless process. MORE

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5 ways to tap your home for cash in retirement


Whether you’re planning on selling or staying, here are a few ways you can tap into your home equity to help the cash keep flowing in retirement. MORE

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Family matters: having the money talk with aging parents


Having conversations about money with elderly family members can be challenging. It is, however, a crucial thing to do. Here are some tips to make the process easier. MORE

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Dealing with dementia: 5 ways to plan ahead financially


Dealing with finances and investments can be particularly hard for someone struggling with dementia. And that’s where loved ones often need to step in – before any major financial damage is done. MORE

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Top tax considerations when investing


Not all investment income is taxed equally, and over time, income tax can take a significant bite out of investment returns. Here’s a primer on how different investment vehicles and options are taxed. MORE

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